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Garage Door Installation Near Woods Cross, UT

Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Ms. Ball needed our assistance to pick out new garage doors that would look distinctive, and be functional.
Our Solution: Amarr Carriage Court model garage doors felt like the best choice for Ms. Ball’s wants. They have a beautiful overlay trim that sets them apart from the rest but are also sturdy and reliable. Our experts guided the rollers into the tracks and closed them, before setting up the springs and cable. We tested the tension and balance to confirm the door moved easily.

Harriet Ball - Woods Cros
Garage Door Spring Replacement | Bountiful | Woods Cross, UT

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Chevalier suffered a broken extension spring, and needed a new pair installed ASAP.
Our Solution: The garage door had already locked itself in place, so our team got straight to business. They disconnected the opener, carefully eased the garage door springs into their fully relaxed position taking extra care of the broken one, and removed both. They then cleaned the extension cables and put in the new pair.

Jarred Chevalier - Bountiful
Sensor Realignment | North Salt Lake | Garage Door Repair Woods Cross, UT

Sensor Realignment

Customer Issue: The customer suspected photosensor issues when her garage door refused to close without any sign of opener problems.
Our Solution: Our team found Mrs. Bonn’s diagnosis to be accurate, and – after unplugging the opener and locking the door open – loosened the sensors for realignment. One needed to be raised slightly, which required removal and reattachment. No more problems after that.

Karlesa Bonn - North Salt Lake
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Woods Cross, UT

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The customer’s door would only open halfway before coming to a halt, and the travel and force limit switches were stuck.
Our Solution: Our team needed to open the opener's housing and pry off the dials from underneath before scraping the rust and attaching new ones. In addition to that, we also replaced some frayed electrical wires. We were then able to help Mr. Strenson restore the travel settings to the correct limits.

Allen Strenson - Woods Cross
Cable Replacement | Garage Door Repair Woods Cross, UT

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: A lift cable frayed nearly to the breaking point. Fortunately, the customer caught it before then.
Our Solution: After unplugging the opener and easing the tension out of the torsion system, our team unwound the faulty cable from around the spool and detached it from the drum. We also checked the other cable to ensure it was alright before replacing the damaged one and testing it.

Luisa Wycombe - Bountiful
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Woods Cross, UT

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: A jammed roller caused alarming grating sounds and slow opening and closing that alerted the customer.
Our Solution: With the opener unplugged and the manual release pulled, our team lifted the door out of its tracks and took out the faulty roller for replacement. After making sure the others were in good shape we replaced the roller and returned the door into the correct position.

Antonio Hernandez - Woods Cross
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Your Team For The Job

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High End Products

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