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Looking for advice on keeping your garage door running smoothly? Our professional technicians have made a list of simple tips below for homeowners to follow. Your door will thank you at the end!

Test the safety sensors of the opener

This feature is what stop the door from closing when there are obstacles in its way. Unfortunately, these photoelectric eyes are very sensitive to dirt and can easily be knocked out of alignment. Check their functionality by waving a broomstick under the door while it's closing. If the panels don't start going back up automatically, then the safety sensors need to be examined, adjusted and perhaps replaced by a professional.

When replacing the hinges, consider replacing the rollers too

Even if you haven't encountered problems with your garage door rollers yet, if they're old and worn already, it is a sound decision to have them replaced at the same time as you replace your hinges. These components have a similar shelf life so if your hinges are worn, it's likely your rollers will be too.

Keep an extra remote to hand

It doesn't hurt to have an extra garage door clicker to hand somewhere safe. Remotes are fairly easy to drop and break. Our specialists often receive calls from customers in need of a garage door remote replacement urgently so it's good to have an alternative just in case.


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