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Strange Noises That Signal A Garage Door Problem

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Strange Noises That Signal A Garage Door Problem

Strange Noises | Garage Door Repair Woods Cross, UT

If you begin to hear unusual noises coming from different garage door parts in your system during opening and closing, this can indicate a problem with the system which needs to be fixed.

Interestingly, different types of noises can signal different issues. It pays to be able to recognize them so that solutions can be implemented in an efficient manner.

Which Are The Common Sounds?

Perhaps the most commonly occurring sounds are scraping ones.  Very often the cause of the scraping noises stems back to a misalignment of the sections of a garage door track. With proper adjustment and tightening of the bolts, this issue will be dealt with in no time.

Could You Be Dealing With Frayed Cables?

The second most common cause of scraping sounds usually comes back to the fraying of the operating cables. In such cases, our technicians recommend organizing their replacement as soon as possible in order to prevent a serious breakdown. Other causes of such noises can include worn-out cable pulleys used with extension springs and the tilting of the end bearing plate.

Something That Goes Squeak

Squeaky sounds are also fairly common. They usually get triggered by the garage door rollers, hinges and bearings when they are not well lubricated. This problem is fairly simple to resolve - just apply a bit of lubricant (be sure to use one that's recommended by the hardware manufacturer). With proper lubrication maintenance, your squeaky sounds can be suppressed completely.

Pop, Pop, Pop

If you hear popping sounds while the door moves, this can indicate that the rollers are seriously worn. These worn parts have to be replaced in a timely manner - as a replacement, you can consider nylon rollers if you don't have these in place already. The latter are much quieter and more durable - in addition, they do not have to be lubricated.

A Surprise Bang

A loud bang that comes from your door is usually a sign of something fairly serious, like a broken garage door spring. If your spring snaps suddenly, you'll find yourself no longer able to use your garage door system until the broken component is repaired.


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